Paris-based British fashion and textiles designer Michelle Lindup originally founded Co-Lab 369 to explore the realm of the artist as a source for her imaginative print artwork. Since then, her collaborative works have fused art and fashion, rendering the transformative power of art more accessible, interactive, wearable – and, yes, very covetable.

Now, Michelle has joined forces with British artist Kate MccGwire to create the Enigma Collection, a unique series of limited-edition luxury scarves. Inspired by Kate’s artistic practice, the scarves are crafted with intricate details to recreate her distinctive style, rooted in nature and exploring both form and function.

Co-Lab369 is committed to sustainable and responsible production practices, using environmentally friendly dyestuffs to print on the finest silk, wool and cashmere fabrics – all with beautiful hand-finished edges.


Kate MccGwire’s extraordinary creative vision finds new life and meaning in these one-off collectible fashion pieces, enabling existing and new collectors to wear her artworks. Crafted in meticulous detail to recreate her delicate practice these signature designs – Host, Nimbus Reflection, Cavort Iris and Cavort East – each bear the unique signature of MccGwire’s distinctive creativity, rooted in nature and in an exploration of form and function.

Made from luxury silk, wool and cashmere with beautiful hand-finished edges, 50-100 scarves of each design are available to buy in this first edition. The creative collaboration with founder of Co-Lab369, Michelle Lindup came about over a 10-year friendship with the artist, inspired latterly during a solo show at Galeries Filles de Calvaire in 2022.

Each unique scarf is crafted using artisanal techniques and practices from Como, Italy renowned for the best in bespoke luxury. Kate MccGwire x Co-Lab369 scarves are committed to responsible production, including the use of, for example, sustainable and environmentally friendly dyes. The scarves are made to order, ensuring minimum waste.

This series launch coincides with the unveiling of a new work by MccGwire commissioned for 1 Hotel, Mayfair. TORRENT (2023) is a large installation situated in the Dover Yard Bar.


Quand l’art rencontre la mode, la fusion des deux arts peut donner des…foulards. La marque Co-Lab 369 fondée par Michelle Lindup est connue pour son approche éthique de la mode. Passionnée par les arts, la créatrice britannique s’impose dans ce domaine d’expertise pour faire des tendances éphémères des pièces intemporelles.En explorant l’idée d’art en prêt-à-porter, elle produit, chaque mois, des pièces exclusives et en éditions limitées.

Cette collection prouve ô combienl’art peut fusionner avec la mode. En se penchant sur le travail de la sculptrice anglaise Kate MccGwire, Michelle Lindup a l’idée de créer des écharpes. L’artiste, connue pour son utilisation de matériaux naturels, se passionne particulièrement pour les plumes de volatiles que l’on retrouve un peu partout dans son travail.


Nom de prédilection pour la création de collections en collaboration, la marque Co-Lab 369, imaginée par la créatrice Michelle Lindup, propose des pièces de prêt-à-porter réalisées avec des artistes.

Pour sa première collection Enigma, la créatrice s’associe avec l’artiste britannique Kate MccGwire, pour la création de quatre foulards en édition limitée, inspirés des œuvres existantes de l’artiste.

Chaque design est développé à Côme en Italie, région traditionnelle des meilleurs imprimeurs et tissus nobles. Les teintures respectueuses de l’environnement sont utilisées pour produire avec soin les écharpes. De plus, afin de réduire consciemment l’impact et la surproduction, Co-Lab 369 a choisi de fonctionner de manière indépendante, étudiant la technicité de chacun des produits proposés. Chaque mois, la marque propose des pièces exclusives en édition limitée, développant des designs uniques et des matériaux durables de haute qualité.


La créatrice Michelle Lindup, crée sa marque CO-LAB 369, pour explorer l’idée d’art en prêt à porter. CO-LAB 369 accueille l’art dans la mode lui donnant une accessibilité unique, la fusion collaborative des beaux-arts et de la mode éthique.  CO-LAB 369 présente sa première collection ENIGMA, une collaboration réussie avec l’artiste britannique Kate MccGwire. 4 foulards de collection exclusifs édités en édition limitée inspirés des oeuvres existantes de l’artiste

Michelle, pour cette première création, reprend les œuvres de Kate MccGwire. Elle crée des compositions et les imprime sur les écharpes de soie laine et cachemire. ENIGMA est la première collection d’oeuvres d’art imprimées en édition limitée.



Dans le paysage dynamique de la mode contemporaine, une nouvelle ère d’expression artistique éthique émerge grâce à la vision audacieuse de la créatrice Michelle Lindup. Sa marque, CO-LAB 369, transcende les frontières entre l’art et la mode pour offrir une expérience unique où la créativité artistique rencontre l’éthique avec éclat.

La première incursion de CO-LAB 369 dans cet univers enchanteur se manifeste à travers sa collection inaugurale, « ENIGMA », fruit d’une collaboration remarquable avec l’artiste britannique Kate MccGwire. Cette collection dévoile quatre foulards exclusifs, édités en série limitée, chacun étant une incarnation artistique des œuvres emblématiques de MccGwire.

Pour cette collection inaugurale, Michelle Lindup a métamorphosé les œuvres envoûtantes de Kate MccGwire en des compositions uniques, imprimées avec délicatesse sur des écharpes confectionnées à partir de matières somptueuses telles que la soie, la laine et le cachemire.


Kate MccGwire is a British artist whose childhood on the Norfolk Broads inspired her to create art around landscapes and wildlife. Often collaborating with fashion brands, MccGwire recently produced a limited edition scarf line with Co-Lab369. Here, Candice Tucker speaks with the artist about linking her nature focused art with the fashion world


British artist Kate MccGwire unveiled her fashion art scarf collection partnership with Paris-based Co-Lab369 – at 1 Hotel, Mayfair on Berkeley Street.

Each limited piece in the scarf collection is a testament to MccGwire’s artistic heritage, capturing the essence of cycles, patterns, and the duality of nature. With the inclusion of feathers and earthy tones, these scarves resonate with the artist’s Norfolk upbringing.

Scarves come in silk twill or cashmere and cost from £355 to £405 and are the perfect gift to oneself or an appreciator of art and nature, especially at this time of year...


This autumn sees a unique collaboration of art and fashion come together between institutionally recognised, British-based artist Kate MccGwire, and Paris-based Co-Lab369, to create a series of limited-edition artist-designed scarves. Inspired by MccGwire’s existing artistic practice, each individual piece evokes cycles, patterns, and the dualities of nature born from a childhood in Norfolk as well as featuring feathers and earthy tones conjuring nature and time which the artist has become renowned for.

visual artist and sculptor, MccGwire goes through labour-intensive processes of collecting, sorting, and cleaning her materials to create muscular, writhing forms reminiscent of classical sculpture and creatures from mythology which are the inception of her sculptural practice.


A Collection of Limited-Edition Artist Designed Scarves: This autumn sees a unique collaboration of art and fashion come together between institutionally recognised,British-based artist Kate MccGwire, and Paris-based Co-Lab369, to create a series of limited-edition artist-designed scarves. Inspired by Kate MccGwire ’s existing artistic practice, each individual piece evokes cycles, patterns, and the dualities of nature born from a childhood in Norfolk as well as featuring feathers and earthy tones conjuring nature and time which the artist has become renowned for.


In beautiful surroundings we looked at the beautiful art of Kate MccGwire, a London-based artist whose heart still beats strongly in Norfolk where she grew up around The Broads and nurtured her love for the avian wildlife there, which drives her work, writes Michael Holland.

In the penthouse of the 1 Hotel Mayfair, Kate’s prints were hung on racks around the rooms, with several of her amazing sculptures on display – all connected to, or created with, bird feathers; feathers that fall off the birds naturally. 


British Artist Kate MccGwire Collaborates with Co-Lab369 for Exclusive Scarf Collection

A unique fusion of art and fashion unfolds this autumn as renowned British artist Kate MccGwire partners with Paris-based Co-Lab369 to craft a limited-edition series of artist-designed scarves.


Kate MccGwire grew up in the Norfolk Broads and spent her childhood exploring the waterways and wildlife in the region, which left an indelible mark on the artist. Now London based, she takes cues from the cycles, patterns and dualities of nature to create her abstract forms, which she cloaks in shimmering feathers. Housed in glass vitrines or tumbling out of fireplaces – her sculptures have an unusual energy and rhythm to them that both attracts and repels, a tension inherent in nature.

MccGwire has had solo exhibitions everywhere from London and Leeds to South Korea, and this autumn, you can wear a piece of her work, thanks to her scarf collaboration with Co-Lab369. She talks to The Wick about the magic of feathers, feral pigeons and dips in the River Thames.


Inside glass vitrines redolent of cabinets of curiosities or Victorian-era natural history collections,Kate MccGwire’s “creatures” appear locked in an intense, writhing struggle. Known for sculptures and installations that incorporate thousands of bird feathers into serpentine bodies and gushing spills, the artist (previously) houses works in bespoke cases or historic buildings that induce a sense of surprise, unease, and wonder. MccGwire, who is now based in London, grew up on the Norfolk Broads, a network of waterways in the eastern lobe of England that are mostly navigable by boat, where her explorations of the region’s wetlands and wildlife provided a foundation for an artistic practice that celebrates nature’s rhythms, patterns, and dualities.



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