The Artist

Kate MccGwire

Co-Lab 369 embarks on an aesthetic fusion between nature, art and fashion.

Explore our collaboration into the beguiling world of British artist Kate MccGwire with this first limited edition collection of scarves made from the finest materials, eco-­friendly silk, cashmere and wool, chosen for their exquisite softness, versatility and luxurious feel.

Each scarf is a masterpiece, combining Kate MccGwire’s captivating artistic vision with the skill and expertise of our Italian craftsmen.

Every detail has been carefully considered, from the selection of materials to the handmade finishing touches that give each piece its unique character. / @kate_mccgwire

Kate MccGwire is an internationally renowned, award-winning British sculptor artist who spent her childhood growing up on the Norfolk Broads. MccGwire’s early
memories of this distinct landscape, dominated by its wetlands, serpentine waterways and the wildlife that lives along the region's waters, form the foundations of her
practice, which is inspired by the cycles, patterns and dualities of nature.

Taking feathers as her primary medium, Kate MccGwire goes through labour-intensive processes of collecting, sorting and cleaning her materials to create muscular,
writhing forms reminiscent of Classical sculpture and creatures from mythology. These abject structures explore dualities of aesthetics, being simultaneously seductive
and repulsive; form, being simultaneously organic and abstract; and movement, appearing fluid yet being static.